Tuesday, October 8

Sweet Sleep...

We took a flight to San Francisco on Saturday at 6am and returned home on Monday morning at 8:30.  Since our trip was such a quick one, I figured that though we would be tired, we would be able to skip the jet lag.  Yeah right.  I was completely out of it!  Father John and I took turns napping yesterday afternoon while the little ones played outside and then I hit the hay pretty early and slept until nine this morning!  Mad props to Button for sneaking into our bed in the wee hours and snuggling in for a nice little sleep in with Mama.

Today was so much better!  I felt like a new woman and we got a lot done:  school, laundry, homemade meals, and an afternoon in the park.  It was chilly and overcast with a bit of wind and I got to wear my cords and a jacket...  Autumn is here!  Hooray!

Button has his annual physical tomorrow and I cannot wait!  It seems like he has really grown in the past few months and I love to hear how tall they've gotten and how much weight they've put on since their last visit to the doctor.  We love our doctor and nurses, so it will be good to see them.

See you tomorrow for Yarn Along!

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Anonymous said...

I love your cords! (and your knitting :-)

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