Sunday, October 7


Laura returned to the front room.  She took up Ma's basket, and opened the last door.  She knew that it must be the pantry door, but she stood in surprise and then in delight, looking at that pantry.  All one wall was covered with shelves and drawers, and a broad shelf was under a large window at the pantry's far end.  

She took Ma's basket to that shelf, and opened it.  There was a loaf of Ma's good bread, a ball of butter, and what had been left of the wedding cake.  She left it all on the shelf while she investigated the pantry.

One whole long wall was shelved from the ceiling halfway down.  The upper shelves were empty, but on the lowest was a glass lamp, Almanzo's bachelor dishes, and two pans of milk, with empty pans near.  At the end, where this shelf was above the window shelf in the corner, stood a row of cans of spices.  

Beneath this shelf were many drawers of different sizes.  Directly below the spices, and above the window shelf were two rather narrow drawers.  Laura found that one was almost full of white sugar, the other of brown sugar.  How handy!

Next, a deep drawer was full of flour and corn meal.  You could stand at the window shelf and mix up anything, without stirring a step.  Outside the window was the great, blue sky, and leafy little trees."

These Happy Golden Years
Laura Ingalls Wilder


Anonymous said...

ahhh ... Little House :)

Matushka Anna said...

I've always enjoyed "watching" her explore her first house. (:

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