Tuesday, October 9

Milo Vest No. 1...

I finished my first Milo Vest last week and though it is not perfect, I can see why mothers knit for their little ones!  It is wonderful to see them wearing something that I made them and have them want to wear it.  I originally knitted this vest for Button.  Since I was using a worsted weight yarn and size eight needles, I knit an 18 month size and even that was too big!  If the vest was for a little girl Button's size, it would have been perfect to wear with a shirt and tights as a little jumper or tunic.  Fortunately, I have two other children though and it fits them just as well! Sugar Plum is modelling it is for this post, but Little Man likes to wear it too!  I have another Milo on the needles now for Little Man (hopefully!).


Matushka Anna said...

LOL, I guess if you always knit for the smallest size, *someone* will fit into it! (I tend to have things come out big too.)

priest's wife said...

so sweet- I have to start knitting again...maybe I'll start with the dishclothes

elizabeth said...

really lovely!!!

Michelle M. said...

That is beautiful!

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