Saturday, July 28

Ten Short Exhortations to Spiritual Children...

By Archpriest Gregory Ponomarev

1. If you know something, keep quiet.
2. If you hear something, keep quiet.
3. Do not interfere in other people’s conversations.
4. Reply to questions, but do not talk much.
5. When you want to do something, think it over alone and with prayer; do not tell anyone about it until you have done it.
6. Do not point out people’s shortcomings.
7. If your self-love has been hurt or if you have been reproached, hold your tongue.
8. If you are wronged, say so quietly and calmly. 
9. Do not express yourself sharply and do not get agitated.
10. Look at everything like this: “As God grants! Such is His holy will.” Always remember God, the Mother of God, and pray.


Fiona Ferris said...

This is a beautifully written list. Thank you.

MamaBirdEmma said...

You're welcome! I keep thinking about it!

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