Sunday, July 29


Where shall we set up camp?" Nutmeg said.

"How about just over there, under that clump of nettles?" suggested Tumtum. "so long as we're under stinging nettles, the children won't trample on us.  But we'll still be close enough to keep an eye on them."

"Good idea," Nutmeg agreed.  "And we can light our campfire behind that pebble.  we shall be completely hidden."

So the Nutmouses heaved their things through the long grass and started setting up camp.

Although Tumtum hesitated to admit it, everything was very luxurious.  The General's tent was well proportioned - bigger than the butler's pantry at Nutmouse Hall, and tall enough to stand up in - so the Nutmouses did not have to squeeze together as some campers do.

Tumtum blew up the inflatable mattresses, and Nutmeg made up their beds with feather sleeping bags and soft pillows.  Then they unfolded the picnic table and laid it with plates and glasses and silver candlesticks, and damask table napkins embroidered with the Nutmouse family crest.  Ans after that, Tumtum made a big fire out of twigs while Nutmeg marinated some earwigs for dinner.

Emily Bearn

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