Thursday, November 10

Festal Learning Basket: Saint Martin...

Commemorated November 11th

The Life of Saint Martin

Give your little ones a gift of a warm item (mittens, slippers, sweater, etc.)

Offer your children a candy bar after reading or telling the story of Saint Martin...
if needed, help guide them into sharing it

Make muffins. Serve everyone one and break them in half, sharing one of
your halves with the person on your right

Gather clothing to donate to a charity in honor of Saint Martin's gift of
half of his cloak to a beggar

Create a lantern garland

Make lanterns and take a lantern walk once it gets dark
(watercolor lanterns, tin can lanterns, glass jar lanterns covered with tissue paper)


Anna said...

love your St. Martin figure!!! did you sew the cloak to go with the Ostheimer figure or did it come with that?

Jasmine said...

I just found this blog, and it is a fascinating read for me!

I am myself a christian, but from a completely different affiliation; I am a member of the Church of Sweden, which makes me a lutheran. I am studying to be a priest. (Women are permitted to be priests in my Church.)

Thank you so much for this blog, your perspective on christianity is educational and very interesting!

In Christ,

Maria said...

I'm wondering about your St. Martin figure too. Is he straight from Ostheimer? I don't remember seeing ones that could sit on a horse.

MamaBirdEmma said...

The Saint Martin figure is from Osthehimer and the cloak came with him (there is Velcro down the middle so that you can "split" it and give it to the beggar (they sell a beggar too). We saved up and got it from The Wooden Wagon, but Dandelion Summers is currently having a 20% off sale until the 15th of Nov. You can buy hm separately from the horse (which you cannot do on the Wooden Wagon).

MamaBirdEmma said...

Welcome, Jasmine! Thank you for your kind compliments!

MamaBirdEmma said...

Also, I wanted mention that we plan to use this Saint Martin figure as our Saint George figure... Double duty!

Maria said...

I Love all of the Saints days you talk about. If I wasn't such a hippie liberal, I might convert. ;)

MamaBirdEmma said...

Maria, I think that if you spoke to my husband, you might realize that your thinking is closer to Orthodoxy than you realize! :)

tabitha said...

Maria- my husband is one of the more 'hippie liberal' people I know...this is saying something since we live in the SF Bay Area. And he is Orthodox.

Matushka Emily, I love this post. Well, I love all of them, but since Saint Martin is my youngest son's patron, this one really grabbed my attention. I just have to collect the figure. We already have the book, as it happens.

Thank you for sharing!


jasen + michele said...
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jasen + michele said...

Lovely blog you have! What a beautiful image of St. Martin sharing his cloak. My boy wants a knight for Christmas and I'd like to get him this saintly one. While we have a Waldorf-inspired playroom we only own one other quite small Ostheimer figure so this is a big splurge for us that I'm hoping will be worth it. I was raised with a sister so am a bit clueless about boy play. I love the green clad figure in the image too and have never seen it. Is that an Ostheimer? Do you know what its name is and where you got it? Btw I found my own red metal apple peeler, slicer, corer machine at Goodwill for $5! I was soo tickled and my boy loves it. Calls it an apple drill. :)

MamaBirdEmma said...

Hi Michele!

I think that the Saint Martin figure would be perfect for your son! Our boys love it. The green figure is Noah and we found him used, so I think that he is an older version. There is a beggar that goes with the Saint Martin figure (we just don't have it) that I think would be perfect. You can find them both on the Wooden Wagon website.

I am so glad that you found that apple drill (I love that name!). What a great price!

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