Saturday, April 2

Living and Learning: April...

Saint Mary of Egypt
Palm Sunday
Great and Holy Week
Bright Week

Lenten Cleaning
Meal Planning & Weekly Shopping
Prepare for Pascha
Confession for Father John and Me
Paschal Food
Paschal Clothes
Paschal Baskets, Egg Hunt and Decorations
Begin Indoor Herb Garden
Utilize An Orthodox Kitchen
Find window covering for front door
Potty learning for Little Man
Speech evaluation for Little Man
Research and buy a baby gate for the steps
Plan Garden
Hanging Flower Baskets on Porch and Mulching

Rocking and crawling!

Knights and Dragons

Nighttime when there is an evening church service

Practice Being Still and Quiet during Prayers and Services
Learn the Trisagion Prayers
Festal Learning basket for Palm Sunday and Holy Week
"April Showers Bring May Flowers"
Learning How to Put Away Laundry
Nature Table Scene
Book Basket
Listen to recorded books
Learning How to Draw Books
Saint George
Magnetic Lenten Calender
Puddle Walks
Children's Garden
Holding Candles in Church Carefully (with Adult Supervision)


magda said...

I love these posts. I wish I were at a point where I could do this, and follow through on them.

(This coming month would be: prepare for homebirth, and make sure Teddy has someone to look after him in church when I'm not there ... and rest.)

How do you come up with your lists? Do you make them with your husband, build on previous months, or just come up with them when you have time? How often do you refer to them so that you work on these goals?

MamaBirdEmma said...

Hi Magda,

Often, I try to print my L&L list out for the fridge. When I see it, I am reminded to do things on it and can cross off what I accomplish. Some things won't get crossed off for months (like teaching the children Trasagion Prayers) and sometimes I forget about something entirely. I like writing them monthly because they do provide a focus for my month by keeping things grounded for us Liturgically and seasonally.

I don't really write these lists with my husband, though there are times when he asks me to do something and it goes on the list. Most of the homemaking and child care is my domain, so I have pretty much free rein from him. I build on previous months and look back at when I did this a year or two ago. It is nice seeing how things are the same in some ways and how they have changed in others.

flowersforTeacher said...

I saw this link today and thought of you, theme bags seem appropriate when we head over to the library too:

Hope it inspires more ideas to share.

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