Friday, April 15

Festal Learning Basket: Holy Week...

Lazarus Saturday
Lazarus (The Children's Bible Reader, Pages 227 - 229)

Palm Sunday
The Entry of Our Lord into Jerusalem
The Entrance of Jesus into Jerusalm (The Children's Bible Reader, Pages 230- 232)

Great and Holy Thursday
The Man and the Vine
The Woman and the Wheat
The Mystical Supper (The Children's Bible Reader, Page 240)

Great and Holy Friday
Great and Holy Friday
Readings for Great and Holy Friday ((The Children's Bible Reader, Pages 242 - 256)

Great and Holy Saturday
Great and Holy Saturday

Bake Lazarakia on Lazarus Saturday
Learn how to make a cross from palms on Palm Sunday
Decorate your icon corners with the blessed palms and pussy willows from church
Burn, bury, or place them outside to decay where they will not be disturbed
Plant Wheat Berries in a pretty basket or pot on Palm Sunday so they'll sprout by Pascha
Bring a few battery operated candles for your little ones to safely hold during the evening services
Prepare your family's Pascha basket for blessing on Pascha
Plan some treats for your children on Pascha (we do an egg hunt and some gifts... it is the Greatest Day of the Year!)
Dye Eggs (traditionally, the reddest eggs you can make!)
Try your hand at making Kulich or Cheese Pascha (An Easy Cheese Pascha recipe coming soon)

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