Friday, April 29

Friday's Feminine Tip: Get a New Razor!

I love taking long, hot baths. When I get the chance to, I will often bring a book or magazine in with me to read, I'll dim the lights, and draw the water as hot as it will go. Once I have had my fill of reading, I'll leisurely wash and take my time getting ready for bed. It is one of my favorite activities.

Currently, I have a little nursling who would rather that I didn't ever leave his side, and so keeping up with cleanliness is a rather hurried affair. One thing that I won't give up though, is shaving. I cannot stand taking a bath or shower and not taking time to shave. However, I have been known to hang on to my razor for so long that I might as well be rubbing a fork up and down my legs for all the good a dull razor does!

Today's tip is to evaluate your razor. If it is dull, then toss it and replace it. The next time you go to the store, buy the biggest package of razors that you can find and tuck them into a basket or drawer for future use. Then, every time you replace your shampoo and/or conditioner, get rid of your old razor and pull out a new one. Voila! You will never shave with a dull razor again!


willfulmina said...

I found a ginormous package at Costco. I may look like I'm preparing for the razor Y2K, but I don't care! These legs will be silky smooth during the apocalypse!

Martha said...

I might be a little crazy...but I hate to shave. Yucky razors!!! God made me with hair.

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