Sunday, March 27

Using the Sign of the Cross Everyday...

The sign of the Cross is a great way to sanctify or bring God every part of your busy day -whether good or bad! Here are just a few times during the day when you might want to make the sign of the Cross:

  • Before you get out of bed, to thank God for protecting you during the night.
  • Before you prepare a meal for your family, to thank God for His bounty (My grandmother, Mary, said a prayer and traced the sign of the Cross with the tip of her spoon whenever she opened a new sack of flour or sugar, opened a jar of jam or peanut butter, etc.).
  • Before and after meals, to thank God for the bounty He provides.
  • As you leave your home, to ask God to Protect you on your journey and watch over your house or apartment while you are gone.
  • When you pass an Orthodox Church building or monastery, to ask God to preserve it and guide its leaders
  • As you bandage a "booboo" or take any kind of medicine, to ask that God will heal you both in body and spirit.
  • Over any new piece of equipment, tool, book, art supply, or toy, to ask God to guide you in using it wisely in His service.
  • Before, during, and after any meeting or conversation you have - especially with someone you know to be "difficult" - that God will help you approach them with Christian love and understanding.
  • As you begin any project, and before and after working and studying, to ask God to guide your efforts.
  • As you sign a contract, lease, or any other legal agreement - or even when you make a promise to someone - that God with protect and guide all involved.
  • As you mail or fax an important letter, that God will see it quickly to its destination and allow the reader to understand/not misinterpret its contents
  • When you hear news of something wonderful )to thank God), or of something terrible (to ask for His mercy and protection).
  • When you witness any accident - big or small- to thank God for His protection and ask HIs help in "setting things to right" and recovering from it.
  • When you pass a cemetery or are reminded of departed loved ones during the day, to ask God to forgive their sins and welcome them into His kingdom.
  • As you come through the door at night, to thank God for His protection and bounty.
  • Before reading the Bible, the writings of the Church Fathers, or the lives of the Saints, to ask God for His enlightenment.
  • Over your bed, before you get into it at night, to ask God to protect you as you sleep (many Orthodox prayer books include special prayers to say when blessing your bed, too!).
  • If you wake in the middle of the night, after hearing a bump or a screech, or having a bad dream.
I am not sure who to attribute this to (it says NTK at the bottom of the page)... if you know, please tell me!


Kate said...

While we don't do the sign of the cross in the denomination I'm in, this is a beautiful reminder of including God in every aspect of our daily lives.

Kate said...

It is such a powerful and yet simple prayer. I don't use it nearly as much as I should. It's good to be reminded that it isn't merely to be used to begin and end formal prayers. Thank you!


Anonymous said...

Oh I love this! Thank you!

Anna said...

thanks for sharing such a great list!

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