Friday, March 25

Button at Nine Months...

Wee Button had his nine month well-check this past Wednesday. He is 14 lbs of pure sweetness! He is sitting up and pulling up and loves to laugh. We are still waiting for teeth (not that unusual for our family... his siblings went this late too) and crawling. I am content with Button sitting still for now! Living in a gated community can be challenging... I haven't even picked out a gate for the this house yet (we had pressure ones in our last home for Little Man and they destroyed the drywall and weren't that secure).

We are looking forward to so many things with Button as the weather warms up: Swing rides at the park, sand and water at the beach, stroller rides, the pool for the first time... It will be a wonderful spring and summer with this little guy!


Mimi said...

Hi Emma,

I continue to get comments on our old blog about the Ladies' Finishing School. Women ask me from time to time if they can sign up. I don't think that they realize that this is a completed project and that everything on the site is archived.

So, I've decided to create a Finishing School II and post new material of the same type. Let me know if you want to participate in some way. Also, are you still doing the commitment to loveliness challenges? In the business of life, I've lost touch with some of my blogging friends and didn't know if you were still doing that. For the second finishing school blog, I picked a theme of "journey to loveliness."

Anyhow, hope you and your family are all well. Let me know if you want to join in the new blog or not.

Aubri said...

I know what you mean about living in a "gated community"! Frustrating. I'm not looking forward to that either but it will be here again for us soon too.

About gates, we have this one that we really like, KidCo Safeway Gate. It's a steel wall mounted gate which I felt better about knowing it would be more secure. Some reviews say it is difficult to install. I didn't install ours, my former engineer husband (former engineer, not former husband!) did so I can't say. I just know it's done a great job for us!

Our little guy turns 7 months next week and I've realized he hasn't been outside much at all through Fall and Winter poor thing! Won't he be in for a surprise?!

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