Thursday, March 10


Has come to town
With a yellow petticoat
And a pretty green gown


It was so exciting to find bunches of daffodils for sale at the market this past Monday... it was especially appropriate that we found them on the first day of Lent, since they are also known as Lenten Lilies (as they typically bloom during Lent.)


Mimi said...

I love calling them Lent Lilies!
Enjoy the springiness of them!

Anna said...

funny, growing up I never appreciated daffodils, guess once again the fact that they grew everywhere (my mom planted lots of them!) made me dismiss them as ordinary. I have grown to love them, and am currently planting a bag of bulbs each year on a hillside in our yard with hopes that one day it will be a mass of them! Happy Birthday btw, I remember it being in March?

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