Thursday, June 17


.:A Natal Plum Plant from our baby's godmother:.

.:Ponytails in our girl's hair:.

.:Newly painted blue walls in our sunny playroom and dining room:.

.:Birthday cakes made by our friend and her daughter:.

.:Roses and alstroemeria arranged by a parishioner for our family:.

.:A much longed for book:.

.:New baby book pages to fill out:.

.:Hot days to play in the pool:.

.:Fresh summer fruit:.

.:Piles of freshly laundered baby clothes that travel with me to the hospital each morning:.

Inspired by Soule Mama!


elizabeth said...

Lovely! so good to be thankful at all times! What great photos!! Hope your littlest man is doing well! love and prayers!

Courtney said...

Great list! We had a pool almost exactly like that a few years ago! Popular with the kids, but not the parents. ;-) I also love the new paint in the playroom! That's a perfect color.

Michelle M. said...

That is such a lovely post. I hope that your baby boy is doing well. Any predictions as to how long he'll have to stay in the NICU?

Matushka Anna said...

Still praying for you! I love that you're taking clothes to him. Much nicer than the hospital shirts.

leah said...

So many blessings! And a beautiful reminder of the simple joys in life.

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