Tuesday, June 1

June Nesting...

Quite honestly, it is a little silly for me to have a nesting list for June since I am on bedrest, but I figure that it will be nice to have this for reference in the event that I go full term (36 or 37 weeks) and want to finish up projects before our baby boy comes. There are about five things on this list that I can do while sitting down and without going to the store, so those are probably the only things that will get crossed off this month!
  • Pot flowers for screened-in porch
  • Give self a pedicure
  • Set up baby pool and sprinkler in backyard for the children to play in*
  • Gather up nursing gear (nursing pillow, clothing, etc.)
  • Video recorder (empty old recordings onto the computer)
  • Sandbox for little ones in the backyard*
  • Put out summer decorations
  • Buy third candle lantern from Michael's and candles from Target for the mantle
  • Add another potted tree to front porch
  • Order a slimmer carseat for Sugar Plum (an possibly one for Little Man if needed) to extend the life of our little Vibe
  • Find chairs for screened-in porch so that we can dine al fresco
  • Pack beach/pool bag with bathing suits, water shoes, sun glasses, towels, and toys
  • Buy onesies, socks, and washcloths for Baby
  • Purchase more hangers for children
  • Hang clothesline on back porch*
  • Hang twinkle lights on back porch*
  • Hang lattice under both front and screened-in porches*
  • Hang shelves in family closet*
  • Fix screen door on screened-in porch*
  • Cut down tall grass along fence in the backyard*
Note: Items on this list that have an asterisk (*) following them are things that Fr John has to be the one to do. It is pretty unlikely that they will get finished, but whatever gets done will be great!


Elizabeth said...

I enjoyed reading your June list. It inspires me to want to make a list of my own.

I know how difficult it is to be immobile with a pregnancy. However, I didn't have other children by me when it happened to me. How are you getting along? Do you have help?

I pray for your pregnancy to go well now that you are heading towards the last months.

God bless!

Matushka Anna said...

Goodness, that' makes me feel tired and I'm not pregnant! On the other hand, I'd rather be buying onesies than putting the house back together after unloading a u-haul into it this morning!

I'm glad you're feeling well enough to be looking forward. That's great.

Kelly said...

We bought the Graco Nautilus 3 in 1 car seat for our boys. Much more slim than the Britax seats we had AND we do not need to buy any more seats b/c the seat converts to a booster so we are covered until the age of 8. Check out Target and read the reviews on amazon. Target and Walmart had the best price if you can catch them on sale.

So glad to hear kids are doing well and that you are getting out a bit.

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