Sunday, June 27

Sayings of Mother Gavrilla (+1992)...

  • Human relationships become difficult when the “I” stands above the “You”.
  • God loves your enemies as much as He loves you.
  • By God’s permission some people become instruments of the Power of Darkness for our own testing and progress.
  • You must not get upset, because a restless heart drives away all Help.
  • If one can live in the world and yet not mix with it – just as oil and water do not mix in the oil lamp – then he can live in God. He is in this world but not of this world.
  • We are all vessels, sometimes of Light and sometimes of Darkness.
  • Keep your mouth shut in the hour of crisis, when a problem is acute. Do not say anything, because you may regret it a thousand times. In-stead, tell it to the angels so that they may place it at the Lord’s feet, and pray the Lord for an angel of peace to calm your soul.
  • We should ask God everyday to break our will and make it His, so that we may become as He wants us to be.
  • We must not “surrender” to His Will. This is what soldiers do. We, who are His children, must offer Him our own will along with all our being – in whatever pitiful state we may be – and tell Him: “Lord, take all my faults and imperfections and set them right.”
  • You must not talk about people who are absent.
  • Some of the sailors on a ship may quarrel and fight each other, but the ship sails on and reaches its destination. The same is true of the Church because Christ Himself is at the helm.
  • We are useful only when we do not exist for ourselves. And vice versa.
  • Like Simon of Cyrene, we must be always ready to rush to the help of our fellow-man.
  • Do what you must do, and God will do what He must do.
  • Poor human beings! We consider the perishable as Immortal and the Immortal as non-existant!
  • The Lord said, “Whoever wants something, believing, he will receive” – as long as the request is in accordance with God’s Commandments, that is to say, with Love.
  • Do not deny others the crumbs falling off your table from the Bread of Life which is given to you whole by the Lord. So many hunger and thirst for Love, like Lazarus who fed on the crumbs falling off the table of the rich man.

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