Monday, June 28


.:A New Arrangement of Pretty Things in Our Entrance Way:.

I brought out our summer decorations on Saturday and had fun rearranging things that evening and on Sunday. I really like changing things up with the seasons... though this arrangement really doesn't scream Summer to me, the previous look was very springy and I was getting tired of it.

.:Father John's Father's Day Gifts:.

I wasn't very creative with Fr John's Father's Day gift this year, but he liked the planters. He always admires these bushes in the yards around our neighborhood. I am not crazy about them when they are in flower beds because I think that they look too sparse, but I think that they look pretty good in the planters.

.:My Rocker:.
I love having my rocker on the front porch. It is so nice to sit and rock while I watch the little ones ride their bikes up and down the sidewalk.

.:Bubble Maker:.

The children love to play with this little bubble machine, but Little Man is more fascinated with the mechanics of the fan than the bubbles that it blows! What a boy! :)


Our friend's baby was baptized before Liturgy on Sunday morning and while I couldn't go (I'm only halfway through my 40 Days), Sugar Plum went with Father John and everyone took lots of pictures, so I am enjoying it vicariously!


elizabeth said...

Nice! Many years to the newly baptized!

nice planter... and what a blessing to have a porch and rocker to watch your little ones play outside! how nice!

I live on the 8th floor but have a belcony and love to feel the breeze and see the trees in a nearby park :)

Matushka Anna said...

Ah, a rocker on the porch! What bliss!

(and FYI: I'm aaaallllmost done with the item I'm making...almost.)

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