Tuesday, September 1

Living and Learning for September...


Church New Year

Nativity of the Theotokos

Elevation of the Precious Cross

Saints Juvenaly and Peter


Settle into our new home

Visit large farmers market a few time before it closes for the year

Buy more children’s hangers

Work on a new homemaking routine

Print Icons to frame for feasts

Start school and establish good habits

Conquer the dishes after every meal and snack

Purchase drying racks or a retractable clothesline for screened-in porch

Set up a new Reading Room

Tidy the yard

Find time for both children to enjoy one-on-one Mama/Papa dates

Read Alouds

26 Fairmont Avenue by Tomie DePaola

Two Times the Fun by Beverly Cleary




Tomie Depaola




Establish good routines for school days

Begin the habit of enjoying a nice snack together after nap time

Special Days

First Day of School – 1st

Full Barley Moon – 4th

Grandparents Day – 13th

+ Michelle – 19th

Auntie Claudia – 20th

Uncle Peter – 24th

Nana – 30th


Begin Redeeming the Time by praying The Hours with the children throughout the day


Practice Being Still and Quiet during Prayers and Services

Singing – “Our Father”

The Sign of the Cross for Little Man

Setting and Clearing the Table

Tidying the floor after meals using the dust buster

Nature table scene and book basket

Visit the beach as much as possible

Seasonal Matching Games

Explore the new neighborhood and town

Go to Story Hour Weekly

Sign up for Messy Art and Music Class at the Local Bookstore

Boardwalk Rides (again!)

Visit the zoo


Tracy said...

Sounds lovely, Emma!

Mimi said...

Happy New Year! Many Years to you!

Xenia Kathryn said...

Hey Emma, this looks awesome! Hope all is well... congrats on the new house!

Angela said...

What a great list of Sept. goals! Looks like your family will have a wonderful month settling in to your new home, learning together, and enjoying each other's company. :)

Elisabeth Black said...

Fun to see what you're doing. :)

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