Friday, September 18

House Tour: Switching Things Around....

Future Office Space (we'll take down the chandelier and hang it over the table and we also plan to add door to make it quieter!)

Dining Area (we'll hang the chandelier in the center and I'd like to turn the table around so that the head chair is under the picture)

Playroom (this will be changing a bit once the office moves downstairs - we'll put a little reading nook in the loft with some of our toys to make it less crowded looking)

The other side of the playroom (the curtains hide the sliding glass doors onto the screened in porch)

Living Room (I LOVE this set up! I really didn't like the dining room on this side because we lost the fireplace as a cozy focal point. This was we can really enjoy it:) )

1 comment:

Courtney said...

I like the adjustments you've been making. It looks very cozy! I love your fireplace! I've been growing more dissatisfied with our set uo downstairs, but I feel like I can't change a thing until the organ is done!

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