Monday, September 28

Learning Basket: Autumn...

A Tree for All Seasons
Apples for Everyone
Seed, Sprout Pumpkin, Pie
Eating Apples
Apple Farmer Annie
Flower Fairies of the Autumn (only one or two poems)
Why do Leaves Change Color? (above our little one's listening level, so I shorten the information in the book)
Circle of Seasons (Autumn pages only)
High Five October 2009
A Child's Calendar (only September pages)
Out and About (Only Autumn pages)
Leaf Man

Sonlight Preschool 3/4 Books
Guess Who Lives Here (Eloise Wilkin Stories)
Baby Listens (Eloise Wilkin Stories)
Baby Dear (Eloise Wilkin Stories)

Chapter Book
Here We All Are

Picture Study: Quiet Time with Cassatt
Music Study: Bach
Poetry Study: A Child's Garden of Verses by Robert Loius Stevenson

(With such small children, simply looking at artwork and listening to the music and poetry is enough exposure... Read Once a Week for further explanation. )

We bought a few gourds to decorate the children's picnic table on the porch.

I pulled out the autumn felt board pieces I made last year so that we could make some scenes up, talk about the different things that we can do and see in autumn, and so that we could discuss the weather daily in a way that is easy for both children to understand.

We made apple prints and even tried layering the colors to see what new ones might appear.

The best activity was baking a delicious apple pie, though!


Elisabeth Black said...

Thanks for sharing your activities. I like that Cassatt book and saved it on Amazon.

Anonymous said...

I think this is a wonderful way to get your kids young or old interested in all that around them and develop a love to learning! Keep up the great work at instilling these timeless treasures of learning in your children

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