Monday, August 31

Our Homeschool: Breakfast Learning...

After toying with lots of different ideas for circle time, I came upon Jennifer's post on her Morning Basket. I loved her decision to fill the basket with a "collection that could almost stand on its own for the day's work if needed." How different this idea was from the circle times I shared with my first-grade students a few years ago!

Here's what we are going to do with our breakfast time:

Art: Each evening before I head off to dreamland, I plan to lay out art materials for my little ones to work on while I make breakfast. Monday will be painting, Tuesday is coloring, Wednesday is watercolors (pan or pencil), Thursday is play dough, and Friday is collage.

Blessing: Once breakfast is on the table, the prayer we will sing before meals will either be the festal toparion for the day or the Our Father.

Weather: While we eat, we will discuss the weather and the things we will accomplish during the day. We have a cloth weather chart from my teaching days that we'll use initially.

Music and Poetry: While we clean up, we'll recite nursery rhymes and short poems and sing songs. I plan to start with listening and singing to Wee Sing Rhymes, Songs, and Lullabies.

Morning Prayers: We'll finish up our Breakfast Learning by saying our Morning Prayers with Papa (we wait until he gets up and gets ready for his day before we pray as a family) followed by a story from our Children's Bible.


Bethany Hudson said...

I loved "Wee Sing" when I was a kid!

Anonymous said...

I always enjoy your monthly learning posts... Sounds like you will have a wonderful month with all the great activities planned

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