Monday, August 10

Learning Basket: Butterflies and Bugs...

The theme of this week's Learning Basket is Butterflies and Bugs.

We're moving right along with Katherine's lesson plans for the Mother of God. We light our candle that is decorated with the symbols of the Mother of God each evening and discuss the day's symbol of the Mother of God by it's light. We are also using the three part cards Katherine created as matching cards. We've received our copy of The Story of Mary the Mother of God and will be enjoying that this week as well!

I found a few craft ideas here and here as well as a little butterfly maze for Sugar Plum.

We're using a well loved Christmas gift from Sugar Plum's godmother to pretend to be butterflies... it is so much fun to fly around and be chased by the Mama butterfly!

We'll play memory with a little springtime memory game set we found a few years ago at a Hallmark store.

We'll read, read, read this week! There are plenty of butterfly and bug books out there and we plan on getting a few more at the library this week.

I recently bought a bunch of Scholastic dvds at Marshalls. This one also has Waiting for Wings by Lois Elhert. I cannot wait to see that one!

We finally rehung our butterflies over the table! Sugar Plum saw them and said, "Wow!"

We're really looking forward to the things that we hope to do this week!


Katherine said...

I hope your little ones enjoy the book on the Theotokos. It's one of our favorites now. I love the illustrations.

I can't wait to post the next learning block. Sophie and I set up the part for the little ones this evening and she is so happy about it. I think your wee ones are going to like it too. More on that soon. :)

Gae said...

Dear Emma,
Sonnds like a lovely theme you are following.
i am wondering about the author for The Story of Mary book.
Was it hard to obtain.

Emma said...

Hello Gae!

The author of the book is Dorrie Papademetriou. I found the book on Amazon and will link it in the post! I hope that you can get it! It is a beautiful book!

Michelle said...

Your little ones will like this song!

Adele Collins said...

I've been following (albeit quietly) for a while now, and love the Mother of God learning basket idea. It will be my first one, and I'm excited to get started. Thanks for the inspiration!

Emily said...

I noticed The Very Hungry Catapillar at the top of one of you reading stacks! That is one of our favorites too ; )

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