Tuesday, August 18

Learning Basket: Shirley Hughes...

The theme of this week's Learning Basket is Shirley Hughes.

We are going to do an author study on Shirley Hughes this week. We don't have much planned for it other than reading all of the books we own by her (and maybe getting a few more favorites from the library!). Here are the titles we already have:

I do want to point out that we got many of these books on Paperback Swap and didn't pay $100 for a children's book!

We will also be continuing with Katherine's lesson plans for the Mother of God. We'll keep lighting our candle until it's gone and we will keep using the three part cards Katherine created as matching cards. We've received our copy of The Story of Mary the Mother of God and will be enjoying that this week as well!

1 comment:

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

All of Shirley Hughes' books are delightful !
Although my youngest in nearly eight, nothing will induce me to get rid of our books about Lucy and Tom, and Alfie and Annie Rose !

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