Thursday, August 27

Learning Basket: Taking the Week Off...

I forgot to mention on Monday that I took the week off from preparing a learning basket for my little ones. I wanted to focus on finishing up my plans for our school year. We will be starting on September 1st, the Church New Year. I am really excited about the things that we have planned for this year and will write a few posts on some of the components of our lesson plans in the next few days.

I have a few special things planned for our first day of school: Church in the morning (we'll be doing this service, an akathist), a special breakfast, and I hope to get our little girl a toddler backpack as a gift. We'll also get a blessing from Metropolitan Jonah with the rest of the teachers and students on Sunday when he visits!

What special things do you do to mark the beginning of the school year in a special way?

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Elizabeth said...

Love buying new supplies. Love the smell of a never-before-opened notebook with paper!

I love the start of the school year. So full of possibilities! Although I no longer homeschool, I am very involved with my children's classrooms.

God bless your new school year!

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