Saturday, April 25

Crazy Eights Meme...

Dessi tagged me for this meme... thanks Dessi, I haven't done one in awhile!

8 Things I am looking forward to:

1. My cold going away
2. Finding out where we are going to live when we leave this house in July
3. May Day!
4. Sugar Plum's third birthday on May 26th
5. The start of ballet class for our girl
6. Little Man saying more
7. A trip to Disney World in a few years
8. Mother's Day

8 Things I did yesterday:

1. Went to church
2. Took the children for a walk to the drug store for cold medicine and ice cream
3. Went to the beach
4. Ate out at a local rib restaurant
5. Made pink playdough with the little ones
6. Watched The Other Boleyn Girl
7. Wrote out my menu plan and shopping list
8. Re-vamped my Daily Routine and Homemaking Lists

8 Things I wish I could do:

1. Sew
2. Have more patience
3. Take a two week trip to San Fransisco
4. Visit Prince Edward Island
5. Knit
6. Read Music
7. Speak French
8. Keep my children little forever - but sleeping through the night!

8 Shows I Watch

1. The Office
2. American Idol
3. Barefoot Contessa
4. The O'Reilly Factor
5. Law and Order
6. Life
7. Any Hallmark Movie
8. ??

Tag! You're it!


Konstantina said...

Visit PEI? Yay! I'm from a neigbouring (hence the Canadian spelling) province- New Brunswick! I love Prince Edward Island. My husband and I stayed there for our honeymoon. It's particularly beautiful in the Fall, though all of Canada is at that time.

I hope you get to visit it someday. I gather that you know about it from the Anne of Green Gables novels, eh?

Trish said...

I did it Emily, cute Meme!

Mimi said...

Heh. Little but sleeping through the night! Good idea :)

Anonymous said...

The next time you come to visit I'll teach you to knit. I taught Sophia and her girls last summer. :)

::Sylvia:: said...

Yes, little but sleeping through the night would be bliss! :)

Would love the secret to finding patience too...

Hope all is well!

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