Wednesday, April 1

Living and Learning for April...


Saint Mary of Egypt

Palm Sunday

Great and Holy Week


Bright Week


Keep to Homemaking Budget

Complete Lenten Cleaning

Rain Boots for Self

Meal Planning & Weekly Shopping

Prepare for Pascha

Visit a Farmer’s Market

Begin Indoor Herb Garden


Improve Prayer Life

Reading: Real Learning: Education in the Heart of the Home and Close to Home: One Orthodox Mother's Quest for Patience, Peace, and Perseverance

Create a Homemaking Routine

Cultivate a Quiet Spirit

Habits to Work On

Picture Book Reading after Breakfast

Afternoon Walk (and Trike Riding!)

Evening Playtime on the Porch

Cleaning up as We Go

Book List

Make Way for Ducklings

Flower Fairies of the Spring


Brambly Hedge Spring Story

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Eloise Wilkin Stories

Cheerios Play Book

Miss Rumphius

A Big Treasury of Little Animals


Baking on Monday

Library on Tuesday

Playdate on Wednesday

Arts and Crafts on Thursday

Games on Friday


Learn the Lord’s Prayer

Practice Being Still and Quiet during Prayers and Services

Setting and Clearing the Table

Sorting Recycling

Daily Lenten Activities

Full Paschal Moon (9th)

Nature Table Scene and Book Basket

Visit a Garden

Listen to stories on the iPod

Complete Kumon Books for Two-Year-Olds

Rainbow Walk

Sing Roy G. Biv Song

Hang a Crystal to Catch Rainbows

Don Rain Gear and take a Walk in the Rain

Look for Birds

Keep a Bird Journal


Erika said...

I love the idea of a bird journal; my kids would love that. We have quite a variety of birds showing up in the yard this year. Do you think you will just track what birds you see each day or try sketching or photography too?

MamaBirdEmma said...

I think that I am going to either find pictures of the birds we find on the internet or take pictures of them and have my daughter glue the pictures into a little book. I'll probably write the name of the bird down for her and try to get her to draw a picture of the bird. I think that she will enjoy that part of it, but you never know;)

Courtney said...

Emma, that's exactly how we keep our bird journal! We've slacked off, but you've inspired me to get back to it. We've watched a woodpecker (specifically a yellow-bellied sap sucker) take near-total control of our suet this winter, but we never added him to our book! Maybe we can tomorrow-- and the lone chickadee that manages a bite when he's not around. Oh, and the blue heron is back! Wow, we better get moving.

I also wanted to comment that you're doing an amazing job keeping the seasonal rhythms in the forefront of your goals! Oh, and when you find some rainboots, I want to see! :-)

Anonymous said...

I am joining in, I had such fun this past month on my old blog I thought to take it with me to my new one here on Blogger...

dawn klinge said...

I like this format here for looking ahead to the next month. You have such lovely things planned.

Anonymous said...

Spring is my daughter Clare's FAVORITE book right now. We have similar book loves!

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy your lists and have copied a lot of the ideas onto my master lists to later print when I finally make my notebooks. I was just hoping and thought I'd see if you were going to post a new list for May. Thanks.

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