Friday, April 17

Great and Holy Friday...


Gae said...

Sorry to email here I cannot get your e-mail to work
Just found your blog and was wondering if you are still doing this.
If not are you going to reinstate it or not .
If not I would love to start it on my new blog.
I did it once and linked to an old post and did not realise it was old.
Anyway I hop you can let me know.
I do enjoy your blog and would like to ask some questions about Orthodox Christians if you have the time.
God Bless

Caeseria said...

Kali Anastasi!
Is this the altar in your home or your church? It's BEAUTIFUL!
What is the book in the first photograph?
Any luck having Sugar Plum and Little Man sleep more today so they're okay with being up tonight? No luck with the two-year-old here... hahaha.

MamaBirdEmma said...

Hi Caeseria!

The photos are mainly of the tomb my husband set up for the Epitaphios in the church. It is a little makeshift, but we really like it:)

The book in the top photo is Tomie DePaola's Book of Bible Stories... it is really good!

The babies took short naps in the car this morning (not what I would have liked!), but I ran them ragged at the playground after lunch and before bathtime we took a walk. I got them to bed at about 7 (Sugar Plum goes to bed at 8 and Little Man at 7:30 normally). I'll wake them up at about 10:45-ish so that we can get to church before 11:30. I am so excited!!

Gae said...

Emma, Sorry
It is about Your Commitmment to Loveliness Weekly idea you used to have. I put it in my e-mail that I couldn't get to work.
Pray you are enjoying your feast day
God Bless

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