Sunday, March 1

Living and Learning for March...


Forgiveness Sunday

Sunday of Orthodoxy

St. Gregory of Palamas

Sunday of the Cross


St. John of the Ladder


Keep to Homemaking Budget

Lenten Cleaning

Boots for Self and Children

Meal Planning & Weekly Shopping

Organize Papers Seasonally


Improve Prayer Life

Potty learning for Sugar Plum

Finish Reading: The Gurus, the Young Man, and Elder Paisios

Read from the Prologue

Cultivate a Quiet Spirit


Baking on Monday

Library on Tuesday

Playdate on Wednesday

Arts and Crafts on Thursday

Games on Friday

Special Days

Mama’s Birthday (5th)

Nana and Grandpapa’s Anniv. (16th)

Gramma Daria’s Namesday (19th)

Papa’s Birthday (21st)

Grandma Judy’s Birthday (25th)

Aunt Jenny’s Birthday (30th)


The Sign of the Cross

Learn The Lord’s Prayer

St. Patrick



Inter-Library Loan Books

Setting and Clearing the Table

Daily Lenten Activities

Full Lenten Moon (10th)

Spring Returns (20th)

Nature table scene and book basket

Visit an Art Museum

Listen to stories on the iPod

Kumon Books for Two-Year-Olds


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful list you have going here I may join in with you and post mine in a few days, but for now I dont mind enjoying yours...Have a wonderful weekend

Courtney said...

Did you get a chance to look at the Lord's Prayer cards? Maybe there is a more Orthodox version? We have ours hung and are ready to learn. I think M. will pick it up very quickly. We may also learn the prayer set to music since he's singing a lot now and can carry a tune (more or less)...

Pres. Kathy said...

Have a blessed and fruitful lent. My husband just finished reading the gurus, the young man, and elder Paisios. He enjoyed it. I would love to tell him what someone else who read it thinks!

Mimi said...

Forgive me, my sister.

And, ooooh, Presbytera Kathy, I'm glad to hear that, I'd like to pick it up.

Mrs Spence said...

Hi Emma.

You are so amazingly organised! Where do you find the time to hold down an incredibly loving home, take amazing photos, plan meals, raise children and do all your own amazing decorating, teaching, planning... I have been watching your blog now for a bit. I'm so inspired by you - thanks so much. You're amazing.

xo Fiona

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