Wednesday, March 11

Fun Activities for the UnderThree Crowd..

After reading a few requests for activities for little ones, I wrote down a list of some of our favorite things to do...
  • Kumon Books (We are doing the ones for two-year-olds now)
  • Puzzles (our favorites are Melissa and Doug ones... I love that the have puzzles for all different levels. We have peg ones and the 12 piece jigsaw ones so far. You can often find these at Marshalls for less)
  • Art Supplies (some of our favorites are: markers, crayons, window crayons, block crayons, glitter glue, glue, scissors, paint, mini twistables, and lots of different types of paper (watercolor, painting, fingerpainting, construction, plain white paper, scrap paper etc.)
  • Cards
  • Dolls (both magnetic and felt)
  • Lacing Beads
  • Scrap Paper and Child-Safe Scissors to Practice Cutting
  • Silverware to sort
  • Pots, pans, and pantry goods to play with and arrange
  • Boxes (big ones to play in and little ones to open, closes, and hide things in!)
  • Small Cars
  • Books
  • Animal Figures
  • Shape Sorter
  • Blocks
  • ABC Magnets
  • Basket filled with different treasures
  • Small broom or swiffer
  • Spray bottle of water and a rag (your kitchen floor will never be cleaner!)
  • Pitchers and Cups to practice pouring
  • Pan of rice or beans to use as a table top sandbox
  • Playdough (If you don't make it yourself, Mary's Soft Dough is the best!
  • Lacing Cards
  • Stackers
  • Gluing and collage
  • Things to sort
  • Matching or Sorting Cards
  • Basket of rocks and shells
  • Snack Prep. - slicing a banana with a child's knife, arranging crackers and cheese on a plate, pouring juice, etc.
  • "Washing" the dishes
  • Stickers (We have been loving coloring books with stickers lately!)
And Chasing Cheerios has a whole list, too: Toddler Activites... In fact, check out her whole blog! She has the most amazing activites for little ones!


Pres. Kathy said...

Thanks for all these ideas - we are always looking for different things to do!!

Nurturing Faith and Family said...

wonderful ideas!! thank you for the help! i hope to be able to use some of them soon!

Dianna said...

Thanks so much for these great ideas. I'm always looking for something new to do with my two-year-old.

Anwen said...

I can't wait to have children so I can try some of these things! You seem to have your own creative take on children's activities.

annie said...

Be careful with the beans using them only with adult supervision.
They go down little throats, and in one case up a nose!
And yes they grow moist up the nose and can cause infections when not found for a while.
Happened to a friends child.
So , just worth watching :)

Courtney said...

Very comprehensive list...I can't think of much to add just music and movement and keep reading lots and lots and lots! Always #1 in our house. :-)

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