Monday, March 2

Lenten Cleaning List...

March 2nd: Master Bathroom
March 3rd: Master Bathroom Drawers and Cabinets
March 4th: Family Closet
March 5th: Master Bedroom Closet
March 6th: Dressers
March 7th: Saturday
March 8th: Sunday
March 9th: Master Bedroom
March 10th: Nursery Bathroom
March 11th: Laundry Room
March 12th: Linen Closet
March 13th: Nursery and Closet
March 14th: Saturday
March 15th: Sunday
March 16th: Hallway and Steps
March 17th: Entrance and Closet
March 18th: Reading Room
March 19th: Living Room
March 20th: Craft Cupboard
March 21st: Saturday
March 22nd: Sunday
March 23rd: Dining Room
March 24th: Baseboards
March 25th: Windows
March 26th: Glass Doors
March 27th: Kitchen
March 28th: Saturday
March 29th: Sunday
March 30th: Pantry
March 31st: Freezer
April 1st: Refrigerator
April 2nd: Drawers
April 3rd: Cabinets
April 4th: Saturday
April 5th: Sunday
April 6th: Desk
April 7th: Children’s Artwork
April 8th: Garage
April 9th: Front Porch and Deck
April 10th: Clean Car
April 11th: Saturday
April 12th: Sunday
April 13th: Back Porch
April 14th: Plan Paschal Clothing
April 15th: Paschal Baskets and Clean Garbage Cans
April 16th: Plant Flowers for Hanging Baskets
April 17th: Launder Spring Bedding
April 18th: Great and Holy Saturday
April 19th: Pascha!!

I'd love to see your Spring Cleaning Plans if you have any!


♥Mimi♥ said...

I don't have a spring cleaning list but, if you don't mind, I'll use yours. You've pretty much covered it all but a couple of nooks and crannies that you find in an old Edwardian home.

Thank you so much for sharing your lovely blog. It was a pleasant morning surprise.

♥Mimi♥ said...

I forgot to mention. You have one of the most beautiful, serene and sweet blogs I've seen in a long time. Your family is very fortunate to have you!

Pres. Kathy said...

I don't have a spring cleaning list, either. But I think like Mimi,I think I will use yours. It is perfect. May you have a blessed and fruitful lent!

Elizabeth said...

Ooh, a great cleaning list. Thank you!! I'm so glad that I visited. This will really help me.

Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

That is a great list - I think I will use it as inspiration too.

Right now, my organizing plan has been not so much a plan but a hope - to do a decluttering sweep through everything in the house before the baby comes in July. I know I WILL eventually get stuff done after he is here, but I'm just sure it will be easier now - and make for a better transition.

Emma, if you have any preparing for a new baby advice to share, I would love to have it. I'm just sure you've got some good ideas on it. Thanks. :)

Arielle said...

I totally second the request for ideas for baby preparation! I think something on home preparation (including food), spiritual preparation, and preparation for the baptism would be fantastic topics!

Kate said...

I've been posting on my spring cleaning efforts on my blog at

Roxanne said...

I just finished my own spring cleaning on the 10th.

Here's my link:

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