Friday, January 2

Three and One Half Years...

So it seems that household tools have a lifespan of about three and a half years. So far, we've lost a dustbuster, teflon frying pans (just replaced those with cast iron!) and a toaster (the broiler has been working well instead). Several other things are on their last legs: towels, sheet set (yes we only have one for our bed), spring/summer blanket, pots and pans (!), and all three of our telephones.

Our vacuum cleaner was among the recently departed, but Fr. John thought that maybe a change in filter would solve the problem. We called customer service (who we've dealt with before for the same vac) to order one since our hardware store/big box store searches were fruitless. The Bissel representative told us to cut off the power cord and mail it in. In a few weeks they'd send us a new one. Um, okay.

It came a few days ago! It actually works and the suction is wonderful (I really think that our original was a dud from the moment we recieved it for our wedding!). It was so worth the two weeks of beyond nasty carpeting!

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