Thursday, January 8

Living and Learning for January...

Living and Learning for January

The Twelve Days of Christmas
St. Basil’s Day
Sanctity of Life Sunday
The New Martyrs of Russia

The March for Life – Washington D.C.

Take down Christmas décor
Re-arrange rooms a bit
Keep to homemaking budget
Clean car
Declutter and organize closet under the stairs
House blessing
Shampoo downstairs carpet
Christmas photo album
Baby book photos for daughter
Buy and fill out calendar
Thank you notes

Host a playdate or Mom's Night Out
Improve prayer life
Potty learning

Weekly baking day
Daily reading time after nap
Daily tea time
Weekly library trips
Frequent winter walks

The Sign of the Cross
Setting the table and helping with the dishes
Winter felt board
Paper snowflakes for windows
Make marshmallows
Winter nature table scene and seasonal book basket
Collect pinecones
Full wolf moon (January 10th)
Owl hide and seek
Feed birds

Special Days
+Grandma Joyce (7th)
Poppy Chick (9th)
Grandfather James(11th)
Auntie Juliana (15th)
AA Milne’s birthday (18th)
Popcorn Day (19th)

**I created this list after being continually inspired by Dawn and her wonderful ideas for homemaking and homeschooling. Her Themes and Plans lists and her Learning and Living list were the jumping off point for mine. I am hoping to create some seasonal binders similar to hers in the coming weeks as well.**


Anwen said...

We have no little ones yet, but I teach 1st and 2nd grade, and used to teach preschool. I am always coming across things I would love to do for homeschooling and feel like I will never find them when the time comes to use them. Thanks for sharing your ideas and the links about a binder and filing system. I may use it for my classroom, too. (it's a bit like homeschooling since I have such a little class)

Courtney said...

Brave lady to post your list! Now that you've done so, we're going to expect updates! ;-) We're on day three of our new rhythms/plans and so far so good!

nannykim said...

WOW you seem to be organized--that is one of my goals I am working on!!

Pres. Kathy said...

What a good plan! I need one too!

faerieeva said...

Lists are my friend! I love the list you made, and I might think about making one for myself for this january. So far, I am baby stepping myself into daily lists or weekly lists.

Oh, btw, I put the button in the sidebar of my blog and have my first post up under it.

Be loved and blessed,

Bethany Hudson said...

Organization is such a lifesaver for me! I know I'm a very type-A personality, but seriously, I don't understand how people can accomplish anything without lists!

Oh, and question: what is the "full wolf moon?"


Anonymous said...

I am a new Orthodox mom-to-be on and have been reading your blog for the past few weeks. I really enjoy it. So nice to see other Orthodox mom's and their homeschooling lists, etc. You should create a side bar link to all of your lists like Dawn's site.

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