Wednesday, July 9

Welcome to Our House, Lulu...

So we received Jacqueline, our nesting doll, in the mail on Monday afternoon and she was promptly scooped up by our little one! We decided to rename her Lulu because it is easier to say for her mama.

On Monday evening, we were saying our evening prayers with our children. Our daughter started coughing and gagging and the next thing we knew, daughter, Baby, Lulu, and the carpet were covered with throw-up:( Ugh. As I was bathing our little girl and my husband was rinsing out the carpet, he said, "Welcome to our house, Lulu!"

Everyone is healthy and clean right now... I am very thankful for washable toys!!

1 comment:

Jen said...

YIKES! What a welcome....poor baby (both E. and Lulu!) How does she nest? From the photo I can't tell what you mean by nesting doll...unless you mean "nesting" like what you do at the end of pregnancy?? I was thinking like those Matroyshka dolls. Enlighten me!

xoxo Aunt Jen

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