Saturday, September 29

What Can You Buy with Ten Dollars?

The Finance Committee at our mission parish is trying to encourage people to raise their pledge to the church by ten dollars a week. One of my ideas is to provide a list of things that people usually buy on a regular basis that cost about ten dollars (i.e. movie tickets, two magazines at the newsstand, etc.), giving people the initiative to forgo these "extras" to help the church.

Please give me your ideas!!


kari and kijsa said...

What a wonderful idea! My sister and I always phrase things in diet cokes! "Wow, that was a great find- it only cost about two diet cokes!" A single trip through any drive thru for one would cost close to $10, also starbucks would set you back that for only 2 cups of coffee.
kari & kijsa

Tammy said...

Two Starbucks coffees and one muffin would total $10 easily.

One lunch out instead of a packed lunch.

I'll try to think of more. This is a good idea!

Sara said...

Great idea...let's see it I can help you out, Emma...

2 Movie Rentals at someplace like Blockbuster.

A trip for a few ice cream cones.

A novel (they are up to $7.99 in the new format!)

how's that????

Alicia said...

Brown bagging lunch to work once or twice a week should save some people at least that much.

Jamie Carin and Claudio Romano said...

Two "value meals" at McDonalds.
Two pairs of cute socks.
A pot of Fall mums
A new video game
A new CD

Jen said...

How about "impulse items" at the grocery store---like the cookies you don't really need, or the fancy cheese that looks really nice, or something that's on sale for a great price but wasn't on your list? (We have sales here that are 10 for $10 to stock up--but if you already have soup or tuna in the pantry, you could skip it....)

That's another one--bake from scratch rather than getting bakery items, ice cream, etc.

How about walking somewhere rather than using 3 gallons of gas? (This would mean walking several places, I know!) It would also be healthier...or simply combining errands, or carpooling errands with a friend or relative could save the gas.

Rose of Sharon said...

Shopping at a discount grocery store would save more than $10.00 a week! How about skipping purchasing the new fall magazines? Drinking water instead of pop when out for lunch or dinner.

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