Wednesday, September 26

Choosing a Fall Jacket...

This is the fall jacket I have chosen to wear this year (it is not a maternity one!). I have been looking for a quilted jacket that looked good on me for several years and was happy to finally find one! This one is perfect because of the darts that shape it and because of the rich brown color.

If you still haven't gotten your jacket yet, here are some common styles as compared with body type guidelines to help you:

  • Curvy or Full Bust: The pockets on jean jackets make this style less flattering than other jackets. Look for a high-collared version with a snug fit and without any detailing. Avoid jackets with dropped shoulders.
  • Short-waisted or with Tummy: Opt for a jacket that hits the top of the hips, with a high collar, high armhole, and a straight body.
  • Short in Height or Long-Waisted: Choose a snug, cropped fit.
  • Bottom Heavy: You can wear the classic, straight style that hits at the top of the hipbone. A snug fit will look best.
  • Curvy or Full Bust: Chose a high-collared version with a snug fit and no detailing.
  • Boyish: You can wear the classic styler that hits at the top of the hipbone and has a bone asymmetrical closure.
  • Short in Height or Long-Waisted: choose a snug, cropped fit.
  • Bottom Heavy, Short-waisted or with Tummy: Opt for a jacket that hits at the tp of the hips, has a high collar, a natural fit at the shoulder and a straight body.
  • Curvy or Full Bust: This style will look best on you if worn open. Chose one that fits in the shoulder, is more fitted that round, and has a high neck with no detailing.
  • Boyish: You can wear the classic waist-length style.
  • Short in Height or Long-Waisted: Opt for jackets that are waist-length or a bit shorter. Snug-fitting styles are best.
  • Bottom Heavy, Short-waisted or with Tummy: The elasticized hem of this style makes it a poor choice for your body type.
  • Curvy or Full Bust: Choose a single-breasted style with a high collar and minimal detailing. the jacket should hang at least to the hipbone and should not be over-sized.
  • Boyish: A straight style that isn't too voluminous will look best.
  • Short in Height or Long-Waisted: This is not a flattering style of this body type.
  • Bottom Heavy, Short-waisted or with Tummy: A straight, single-breasted style that ends below the hips will be most flattering.
-From: InStyle Secrets of Style: The Complete Guide to Dressing Your Best Everyday-

What does your Fall jacket look like?


Mimi said...

I need a new raincoat, but I'm having a hard time finding one with a hood (which seems like a not unreasonable request to me, but whatever)

Jamie Carin and Claudio Romano said...


I am usuing last years Fall jacket (or maybe its from two years ago). It is a brown corduroy taylored jacket....also not maternity. But really at 22 weeks I am just barely looking pregnant...I am still LOSING weight (about 22 pounds lost) so I am no where near maternity clothes yet. How are you feeling??


I always find it weird that most raincoats DON'T have hoods! LOL

MamaBirdEmma said...

Hi Jamie!

Wow, 22lbs in 22 weeks! I am sure that you really want to wear the maternity clothes:(

I am feeling pretty well. I am more tired that usual, but am still able to keep up with my life, which I am thankful for. I am definitely showing and wearing am maternity clothes a little less than half the time, I think that will change in the next week or so, though.

How are you doing?

~katie~ said...

Thanks for the neat post! My fall jacket is mid-thigh length, beige, button up, collared coat. I can dress it up a bit for occasions or use it as casual. It keeps the elements out well and looks decent. Works for me! I love the one you've chosen!

Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tips. I need a new one. Last year was a maternity one!


Anonymous said...

Love, Love, Love, your blog!

Jamie Carin and Claudio Romano said...


I do have a few maternity things (a skirt and a dress) and sometimes I will wear them just for fun!! LOL...I am pathetic!

Pregnancy wise I am feeling fine. joints are loosening and that is fun, but otherwise feeling good. I am having immune system problems though caused by a congenital adrenal problem I have. So I have to see a new endocrinologist Monday. Hopefully I will get some help from him!! And of course the weight loss...while nice in one sense is becoming of concern to the docs. I am hoping if I get the immune system working I will be able to eat better.

MamaBirdEmma said...

It is totally NOT pathetic for you to wear maternity clothes! It is so exciting to be pregnant for the first time! I would do the same thing if I were you!

I am glad that you are feeling well pregnancy wise and hope that things get better for you as far as your immune system. It is not fun being sick... I really feel for you!

Remember to rest a lot! You're more than halfway there!

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