Friday, January 5

Twelve Drummers Drumming

Ivy was happy in the market. She walked round and round the stalls, looking at all the things; sometimes a snowflake fell on her head, but she shook it off; sometimes one stuck to her cheek, but she put out her tongue and licked it away. She bought a bag of chestnuts from the chestnut man; they were hot in her hands and she ate them one by one. She had a white cup of tea from a tea stall on wheels, and from a sweet stall she bought a toffee apple. When her legs grew tired she sat down on a step and wrapped the ends of her coat round her knees. When she was cold she started to walk again.

Soon lights were lit all along the stalls; they looked like stars. The crowd grew thicker. People laughed and stamped in the snow to keep their feet warm; Ivy stamped too. The stall-keepers shouted and called for people to come and buy. Ivy bought a blue balloon."

The Story of Holly and Ivy
Rumer Godden


The sun is shining, but we are house bound with all this snow.  The children have ventured out for several short burst of playing in the snow, but it is much too cold to stay out long.  I spent a few hours shoveling paths to the church doors, the house, and the coffee hour room.  We have a man coming with a plow to do the church parking lot in the late afternoon, but it seems that tonight's services for Theophany will consist of only our little family.  I wonder whether people will even be able to come to Liturgy tomorrow. 

My little girl and I watched a delightful film this afternoon, while huddled in bed with our handwork.  It was a recent production of Pollyanna and is vastly superior to the Disney version with Haley Mills.  I think that I might even re-watch it in a day or two!  


Unknown said...

Love both the book and the movie. We read and watch both annually!

Kathryn said...

I have enjoyed following along with your Twelve Days of Christmas series very much!

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