Tuesday, January 2

Nine Ladies Dancing

Mama was back from her errands and had brought the news that the Christmas tree Mr. Ryan had promised her would be there by Monday. It was exciting to think about, the fragrance of the spruce filling the house, trimming it with the chains of paper and popcorn, the stars and the candles. What a lovely light they would make. Lili could hardly wait."
The Lion in the Box
Marguerite De Angeli
I finished up Hazel's little bonnet last night and was ready to begin my second knitting project of 2018 immediately.  I had made a swatch for a black Ramona Light Cardigan a day or two after Christmas, and so I was ready to actually cast on.  With our four-day-a-week basketball schedule, I am hoping for a lot of knitting time!

I also cracked open my 2018 Carl Larsson wall calendar and filled in all the dates.  I think that this is the third year in a row that I have chosen this calendar.  Larsson's work is simply exquisite.  I always look forward to seeing which works they choose for each month.


Out My window said...

My parents are Swedish and I have several of his prints in my home. I love his work. Your posts are so interesting to me.

Woman of the House said...

Larsson is one of my favorite artists. Your pictures and quotations are always lovely!

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