Wednesday, March 22

Twelve Minutes to Spare


We took a little trip on Monday for my husband to attend a conference and for me to help my mother and sister with a few things.  I decided to challenge myself to finish the body of my Palmyre shawl before we returned home from this little getaway.  I finished up with twelve minutes to spare!  Now on to the lace...

Tuesday, March 21

Happy, Happy Birthday!

Happy, happy birthday to my beloved better half! He left for a conference at 6:30 this morning and came back at 10:30 tonight. Our son's dear godmother knew that today would be a difficult day for us to bake him a cake (we are away from home), so she kindly visited a Lenten/vegan bakery, bought him a delicious chocolate birthday cake, and dropped it off this afternoon for us to surprise him with. Isn't that amazing? 

Monday, March 20

As it Passes


  Teach us...  that we may feel the importance of every day, of every hour, as it passes."

Jane Austen

Sunday, March 19

Sunday of the Cross

  The decorated Cross for this Sunday at my father-in-law's church is so beautiful.

Saturday, March 18

Happy Namesday, Button!



Button has been begging to be taken to the local trampoline park and his namesday seemed like the perfect opportunity!  We went for a little while in the morning and spent the day playing and relaxing (with a little cake baking thrown in!).  We had namesday cake after church and Papa entertained the Trio with stories about the Saints.  It was a lovely day!

Friday, March 17

Bursting with Energy


  On one hand, I've totally procrastinated on my Lenten Cleaning, essentially doing no deep cleaning or organizing for the past three weeks. On the other hand, I took advantage of a quiet day, extra energy, and sick kids, by deep cleaning three bathrooms (and organizing the drawers, cabinets, and line closets), the hallway and entrance (plus cleaning and organizing the dvd cabinet), living room (and organized the books, baskets, drawers, and cabinets), watered the house plants, swept the sun room, filled the bird feeder, and dumped lots of trash and recycling.  I find that I have to take advantage of these bursts of cleaning energy rather than trying to force myself to do something each day...  especially when we have a lot going on with school and church life.

Thursday, March 16


I'm nearly finished with the first skein of yarn for the Palmyre Shawl that I'm knitting for the Lenten Knit Along on Instagram.  This project bag was a recent buy...  I just love the gorgeous embroidery of blue delphinium and Queen Anne's Lace (our wedding flowers)!  

Wednesday, March 15

The Last Load

  We just received and stacked out last load of firewood until autumn, which will probably mean an instant return to warm temperatures for our area.  You're welcome.

Tuesday, March 14

Looking Out

  I love the view from the children's room in our library.  They have conveniently placed a rocking chair right in front for its maximum enjoyment.  It's a blustery cold day...  perfect for rocking, knitting, and enjoying the view, while I wait for the Trio to find their books for the week.

Monday, March 13


 We are feeling quite elegant with our head-colds now that we have this nice little rattan tissue box.  I bought it when we went up for Patrick's funeral and I really like it!  I am always tempted by things that hide commercial packaging or things that are ugly.  This cover takes care of the offending box and I am happy whenever I grab a tissue!

The kids are really interested in card games lately.  Their favorites are War, Solitaire, and Rummy.  It's really adorable to see them try to shuffle the deck.  I play Solitaire on my phone quite often, but I admit that there is something fun about going analog with a real deck of cards.  I remember playing card games in the evening with my mother while we took turns bouncing my baby brother on our knees.

I'm still enjoying the pretty roses that my little family gave me for my birthday.  I love their delicate creamy color.  They're cheering us up these last days of winter.

Sunday, March 12

Blue for Annunciation

  It's too early to be setting up for Annunciation (25 March), but there were blue hyacinth and muscari bulbs at the store and I'm hoping that they'll be blooming by the feast.  The picture in the frame is part of my favorite painting (The Annunciation by Nesterov).

Saturday, March 11

Day-Tripping with My Girl


  My little girl and I went on an adventurous day-trip today to help my brother-in-law and sister-in-law choose items for their baby registry.  It was a fun day that included a trip to Trader Joes, lunch at Legal Sea Foods (YUM!), and two different baby stores.  We can't wait for our new little family member to join us in June!

Friday, March 10

Lenten Knitting Progress


I've been knitting a lot while I home-school the kids and wait for them to finish their activities this week.  It's exciting to see the pattern emerge on the Amelie sock and to watch my Palmyre shawl grow!  

Thursday, March 9

New Mattress

My birthday and my husband's birthday are about two weeks apart and we often buy joint presents.  This year e chose a new mattress and it arrived this evening. I ordered the queen mattress online and it arrived in a box only a little bigger than my nightstand.  It was vacuum packed inside and was very exciting to open!  We are very hopeful that we will like this new mattress and  will be able to get rid of our nearly twelve year old one that is leaning against the wall!

Wednesday, March 8

Cathedral Bundt

Though it is several months away, I bought the bundt cake pan we'd like to use for our daughter's late May birthday recently.  It arrived just in time for me to quickly whip up a cinnamon swirl bundt cake for a potluck after Presanctified Liturgy.  The cake was a hit and the shape is so fancy!  I can't wait to use it again!  

Tuesday, March 7



Our early spring daffodils are blooming like mad and we even have a little pink hyacinth poking out her head!  

Monday, March 6

An Ideal Spring Bouquet

I really like this bouquet I spotted in the March issue of Country Living UK.  It includes paperwhites, muscari, hyacinths, and lime gelded roses.  The cabbage leaves secured with raffia covering the water jar is such a lovely touch.  I would love to recreate this color palette for our Paschal table.

Saturday, March 4

Lenten Bundt Cake

I'm very monogamous with my lenten baked goods, usually.  I can make a chocolate layer cake that is always a hit and my apple crisp is pretty good (provided I remember to bake the apples long enough!).  With a plethora of lenten birthdays and namesdays, as well as multiple pot lucks after church, I was thrilled that my sister, Juliana, found a new recipe for my repertoire...  Cinnamon Swirl Bundt Coffee Cake (I left out the pumpkin pie spice).  Judging from the empty plate with nary a crumb left on it, I think that everyone I baked it for was just as happy!

Friday, March 3

A Second Pair of Socks


Thursdays are a bit of a rush around here with gym class and violin lessons.  My sister has been encouraging me to try my hand at knitting socks which is probably the most portable type of knitting one can do.  After knitting my first pair (which look like a hot mess, but are very cosy and comfortable), I cast on to an Amelie sock (MadTosh Alizarin Sock Yarn).  I saw these beauties knit up by Rebecca and it was the first time that I was tempted to try knitting socks (it just seemed like such a difficult task with such small needles).  This pattern is fairly simple and I find myself looking forward to my time spent shuttling children around and waiting for them to finish up their lessons when I have these pretty things waiting for me to work on.

Thursday, March 2

Lenten Knit Along: Palmyre


My sister, Kate, is hostessing a Lenten Knit Along on Instagram and I was thrilled to be able to join up.  I'm planning to knit another Palmyre using Madeline Tosh DK in the Farmhouse White colorway.  I have knit this pattern twice before (one even in the same color), but am planning to make one or two changes to make things a bit more interesting.  I'll keep you posted on my progress weekly.  If you're interested in joining the knit-along, use the #lentenkal on your instagram pictures so that we can see how you're getting along!

Wednesday, March 1

In the Garden


After a string of fairly warm days, the flowers are starting to burst.  The vinca 'round the fountain has masses of flowers that our little girl likes to use in tiny posies that she leaves like little blessings around the house for us to find.  The daffodils that I planted in past autumns are starting to come up and the early ones are already blooming.  I was given the gift of snowdrop and iris bulbs from my florist last year and both came up!  Though there is only one flower on the snowdrop plant, it looks like a healthy plant,, so hopefully there will be more next year.  Our flowering trees have begun their annual show and there are new leaves on the hydrangea bushes.  It almost feels like it should be Pascha now, rather than just the first week of Great Lent. 
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