Monday, March 27

Living and Learning: The Week Ahead


Church in the Home
A few years ago Laura created a one page printable life of Saint Mary of Egypt that we loved using prior to attending The Canon of Saint Andrew with the Life of Saint Mary of Egypt.  Print some out for your family and bring a few to church to pass out!

Did you know that you can listen to the BBC Radio radio through the computer or through their free phone app?  I only found out last week and am already addicted!  My favorite program so far is Radio 3's Classical Breakfast show.  It's two and a half hours of music and educational tidbits.  I start in in the morning and listen to it at various intervals during the whole day.

In the Post
Lucy from Purl Two Together has outdone herself yet again!  I bought a ready-made tea cosy from her shop for my sister a few weeks ago and was so taken with it, I ordered a custom made one for myself.  It arrived today and I just love it!  If you are in the market for some hand-knits, pop over to her etsy shop!

Last night I stayed up late to watch To Walk Invisible.  I've been on a Charlotte Bronte kick since reading Jane Eyre last Great Lent and became fascinated by her life story.  Though the Bronte's story is a tragic one, I enjoyed this program very, very much.

In My Knitting Basket
I'm at the tail end of my Lenten Knit-A-Long project!  There are less than ten rows left of the lace portion of my Farmhouse White Palmyre Shawl and then I can bind off and block.  I can't wait to finish it!


DJL said...

Dear Emily,
I have been on a Bronte kick as well and can recommend a wonderful book to you: Charlotte and Emily by Jude Morgan. It is a fictionalized telling of the Bronte family's life and it is truly a wonderful book. Definitely in my top ten now.

author said...

It appears that you got more pieces to your lovely blue and white dishes. Where did you find them?

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