Friday, March 31

The Farmhouse White Palmyre


I bound off on my Palmyre in the wee hours of Wednesday morning.  With a quick blocking on Thursday, I am already snugly wrapped in my warm shawl tonight.  This is the third iteration of the Palmyre that I have knit and I think that this one is my favorite!  I used nearly all of three skeins (750 yards) of Madeline Tosh Farmhouse White DK Twist that I bought in February. 

Because I wanted to knit a huge shawl, I knit the body until I had increased to 297 stitches.  In the first row of final four rows before beginning the lace portion, I added three extra stitches to bring the stitch count to 300 (once the final four rows are complete, the stitch count is 306).  Increasing the stitch count to 306 gives the shawl twelve repeats of lace.  

Aside from the increase in size, the only other thing I changed was to make the increases more visible.  To do this, I simply lifted the loop between two stitches and and knitted that stitch from the front as I would a normal knit stitch (to do a  m1 stitch correctly, you knit into the back loop to prevent a hole from forming)...  I did this for all of the increase stitches rather than the m1L and m1R that the pattern calls for.



Jane G Meyer said...

This turned out beautifully! Will you be wearing it on Pascha? :)

New Mom said...

Beautiful! I can't believe how well you have learned to knit in such a short amount of time! I remember when you started learning with the youtube videos. I wish I had began with you, as I considered doing at the time; perhaps I could be wearing my own Palmyre right now! Would love to see a photo of how you style your new shawl!

Also, I have began watching a new to me youtuber and blogger named Audreyalamode and I really think you would like her! She is very chic with a great capsule wardrobe that is classy but (mostly) not over the top expensive. She does a series called 1-4-4 in which she chooses one core wardrobe item and styles it four ways for four different seasons. It's really inspiring and makes me want to shop my closet! Let me know whatcha think if you decide to check her out!

MamaBirdEmma said...

Oooh! Thanks for the rec, New Mom!

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