Monday, February 20

Preparing for Great Lent: Lenten Cleaning

I try to deep clean our home as much as I am able during the weeks when we fast (Cheesefare Week begins on February 20 and Great Lent begins on the 27th of February this year) . I find that it is really wonderful to enjoy having everything clean and organized for the Great Feasts of the year. I plan on breaking my cleaning up by cleaning one room or area each week of the Fast (there are seven weeks + Cheesefare Week).  I'll also try to keep up with my regular daily cleaning and laundry routines as much as possible so that the kitchen isn't spotless, while the rest of the house looks like a war zone with naked children running around!


Cheesefare Week
1.  Clean Icon Corners
2.  Plan Lenten Menu List/Create Shopping List
3.  Shop for Lenten Staples
4.  Prepare a few quiet activities for the first week (watercolors, play dough, audiobooks)
5.  Create a Lenten Calendar

Week One (Kitchen)
1.  Clean out fridge and freezer
2.  Clean out cabinets and drawers
3.  Clean counters, appliances, and sink
4.  Wash out garbage can and recycling bin
5.  Wash baseboards and scrub floor

Week Two (Sunroom, Dining Room, and Laundry Room)
1.  Scrub table and chairs
2.  Clean out cabinets and drawers
3.  Clean counters and appliances
4.  Wash baseboards and scrub floors
5.  Tend potted trees (add dirt, repot, etc.)

Week Three (Playroom, Living Room, Entrance and Hallway)
1.  Sort through books, magazines, dvds, and cds
2.  Sort through puzzles, games, and toys
3.  Tidy art supplies
4.  Dust furniture and vacuum under cushions
5.  Wash baseboards and scrub floors

Week Four (Bathrooms)
1.  Clean out cabinets and drawers
2.  Purge bath toys and sanitize keepers
3.  Clean tubs, showers, sinks, and toilets
4.  Wash baseboards and scrub floors
5.  Reorganize towels and replace worn ones

Week Five (Children's Rooms)
1.  Clean closets
2.  Go through books and toys
3.  Dust
4.  Wash all bedding and curtains/flip mattresses
5.  Wash baseboards and vacuum floors

Week Six (Master Bedroom)
1.  Clean out closet
2.  Tidy dresser, bedside tables, and bookshelf
3.  Dust
4.  Wash all bedding and curtains/flip mattress 
5.  Wash baseboards and scrub floor

Great and Holy Week
1.  Paschal shopping
2.  Clean car
3.  Wash glass doors and windows
4.  Tidy porch
5.  Fill hanging baskets and window boxes (weather permitting)


Jane G Meyer said...

Would you share your lenten staples?

When my husband was heading out the door this morning for coffee he asked, "Can I get you anything while I'm out?" He asks this same thing every day on his way out for coffee. This morning, I said, "A personal assistant, please."

Your list would absolutely be tackled at my house if I had a personal assistant! One who is smart, obedient, hard working, and kind. Anyway, I may join you in this cleaning schedule. The list is tempting and I appreciate how you share such lovely details of your life!

Mrs. Chrissy T said...

I love this idea. Thank you for sharing.

Alicia said...

This is so helpful!

Unknown said...

Thanks for continuing to share your life with us!
How do you find the time while homeschooling, being a Presbytera, wife and mother?
I am serious--with four children, ages 11 to 1--church, homeschooling, and sports, I run out of time to do this sort of cleaning. :)

Unknown said...

i am late to commenting but thank you for posting this. it has been exactly what i needed in this first lent as a mom of two!

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