Saturday, February 4

Saturday Sketches


I went grocery shopping this morning, which was a huge load off my mind.  Last Monday, I had to do the week's menu planning and shopping in between meals and lessons.  It feels so much better to have things organized before the school week begins.

These gorgeous roses were for sale at Walmart (of all places).  I combined them with some seeded eucalyptus from a week or two ago.  I sketched them tonight after church and while I am pretty happy with the colors that I was able to mix, I wish that my painting didn't always looks so flat.  I'm going to do a little research on how to improve.  I'd really like to focus my sketching on table-top vignettes and flowers. 

1 comment:

Mrs. Chrissy T said...

Oh my! You did such a lovely job. If I were to do that you wouldn't know what it was. *Smiles*

Beautiful flowers and art.

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