Sunday, April 9

Palm Sunday

Still Life, Taisia Alfonina (Russian; 1964)

Our church was beautiful today for Palm Sunday.  It was also packed!  There were 107 people in attendance.  After the blessing of palms, processions, and Divine Liturgy, there was a fish fry.  Several families get together to provide it for the parish and it is lots of fun!

We had several different types of palms this year:  The standard palm strip kind and emerald palms.  We had a vast quantity of palms this year, so we also made about 150 palm crosses.  It would have been nice to have some pussy willows to pass out, too.  My husband and I have already discussed purchasing a pussy willow tree or two to plant in the church garden to provide branches for future Palm Sundays.

I made salmon for our family's dinner before Bridegroom matins tonight.  My new favorite way to make our favorite fish is to bake it in the oven (preheated to 450 degrees and then baked for 12 - 15 minutes.  Perfection.).  It was nice to feast together as a family, laughing and joking and just enjoying the festal day before Holy Week commences.  

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Kathryn said...

We had an almost identical and beautiful Palm Sunday as well. If you know someone who has a Pussy Willow tree and you've liked theirs, ask them for a few branches. They don't have to be long - maybe 10 - 12 inches. This way you will know if they are big buds or tiny ones which you won't always know if you buy them. Put them in water in a jar or vase and they will root after a few weeks. The trick is to not change the water, just add to it if needed. They like it old and stinky.

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