Tuesday, April 18

Bright Tuesday


Before the dawn, Mary and the women came and found the stone rolled away from the tomb. They heard the angelic voice: “Why do you seek among the dead as a man the One who is Everlasting Light? Behold the clothes in the grave! Go and proclaim to the world: The Lord is risen!” He has slain death, as He is the Son of God, saving the race of men.   


Today was the first day that we could have a nice breakfast and I really savored it.  I love making toast from the Greek Pascha Bread that I baked on Great and Holy Saturday and frying up some bacon and eggs.  It's such a festive breakfast after fasting for so long.  The weather was beautiful, so we headed out to the boardwalk after lunch, took a walk, and played a little skee ball.   

Aren't those pysanky eggs on my breakfast table lovely?  I won a recent giveaway on Deirdre's Instagram page and am thrilled with them! If you're looking for some beautiful pysanky, check out Daedal Shop

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