Tuesday, April 11

Great and Holy Tuesday

Mikhail Kalinin, Palm Sunday (2005)

It was another gorgeous day.  We spent time doing the things that we had to do (school, cleaning, errand running) and plenty of time doing the things we wanted to do (playground visits, long walks, and reading).   

Tonight was the final Bridegroom service for this year.  There is such lovely hymnology during Holy Week and while it is a challenge to take children to services and fit everything in this week, the hours spent in church are really a feast for the senses.

Sugar Plum purchased her first big embroidery project today.  After deliberating for awhile, she ended up choosing a set of pillowcases with a floral design stamped on.  We bought the suggested embroidery floss and she began working on the first pillow case right away.  I'm so amazed at her creative abilities and by the fact that she saved her allowance up for ten weeks to pay for the kit and floss!  I'll be sure to post some photographs of her progress!

1 comment:

elizabeth said...

those pillow cases are going to be so beautiful!!! it's neat to see your daughter blossom in this way!!! She's way ahead of me!!! :) Holy Week is intense, but yes, the beauty! Beauty will save the world! <3

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