Wednesday, January 18

Song of the Sea, Part One



I was given some lovely Madeline Tosh DK yarn in the Pavement colorway from my brother-in-law for Christmas and I excitedly cast right on for Song of the Sea, a lovely lacy cowl.  It was a fun knit that I followed the pattern for exactly and I am happy with the result.  I have decided to give this cowl to my friend, which I hope she likes.  I happen to have quite a bit more of this yarn and have decided to cast on to a second one.  For this next iteration, I will be knitting a bit more of the ribbing (maybe in a 2x2, rather than a 3x1) to reduce the rolling that this first cowl tends to do.

1 comment:

Laura said...

This is so pretty! The pattern reminds me of a hat I knit a while ago, the aster hat & cowl on Ravelry. I think of it as my mermaid hat. :)

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