Monday, January 30

Living and Learning: The Week Ahead


Orthodoxy in the Home
This week is the feast of the Meeting of the Lord.  I've ordered a kit of beeswax sheets and wicks to create some pretty candles to get blessed along with our Lenten candle.

On My Bedside Table
I'm reading my second book D.E. Stevenson book, Miss Buncle Married.  It is such a great little series...  I look forward to my reading time each evening!

I am listening to Juliet Stevenson read Belgravia through my Audible app after enjoying Doctor Thorne and a re-watch of Downton Abbey.  It's a fascinating story and makes my time cleaning go very quickly!

In My Knitting Basket
Song of the Sea (part II) is going fairly quickly now that I have finished the first set of breakers in the cowl.  I have one more repeat of the second sized breakers, all of the small breakers, and the ribbed edging left to do.  I may be able to finish it by tomorrow!

Kitchen, Pantry, Table
Our daughter really enjoys baking and one of her favorite things to make is fruit and cheese galettes.  She made two for this past Sunday's coffee hour - raspberry and blueberry.  They were easily made before church and everyone happily gobbled them up.  I've already purchased the ingredients for two more for this Sunday! 


Unknown said...

I always love these posts.

Katya said...

That raspberry cheese tart looks soooo good! I cannot wait to try it. Thanks for sharing the recipe! And I love these posts, too, like Angela said :) Love seeing what your family is up to!

Anastasia said...

That gallete looks amazing! I love your daughter's room too. We just found a lovely Degas print in a thrift store that we're going to spruce up for our girls' room.

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