Wednesday, January 4

Eleven Pipers Piping


In winter, the kitchen is the heart of the house.  It is a living place.  Kettles sing, pots simmer, pans bubble.  Visitors come to sit in the kitchen, children use the kitchen table, to draw at, paint at, model plasticine upon.  And to help with the cooking.  They hang about, waiting for the bowls to lick out.  There i a chair for quiet reading, and waiting for this or that to be put in or taken out of the oven to be ready, to be kneaded or turned or basted or stored." 

Susan Hill 


We've made hearty breakfasts several times this Christmas holiday and our current favorite is (and maybe always will be?) a fried egg, bacon, and buttered English muffins.  I love starting the day off with a good breakfast.  

I began my cowl today and I can't wait to get more done.  I brought my knitting with me when I took the children out to dinner at Chick-fil-a for a treat (it was a fast-free Wednesday).  We enjoyed our dinner and talked over peppermint shakes and finished up a couple of rows.  It was nice to have a little change of scenery!

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