Saturday, December 31

Seven Swans-a-Swimming


 Miss Margaret Waters and her sister Mary were quietly at work in their cottage in the village street.  They sat, one on each side of the big round table in the living room, penning their Christmas cards in meticulous copper plate.  Music tinkled from the large old-fashioned wireless set on the dresser by the fireplace, vying with the noise of the bells outside.  Mary's grey curls began to nod in time to a waltz, and putting her pen between her teeth, she rose to increase the volume of the music."

Miss Read


The Christmas roses finally drooped too much to remain, but I am still enjoying the vase of beautiful seeded eucalyptus that graces the table.  Our daughter's beautiful Christmas embroidery has also been brightening our table this week.  She saw a photo of Ginny Sheller's embroidery on Instagram and was immediately inspired to work on her own. 

I know that I have been waxing poetic this week about the Kapla blocks that we bought the boys for Christmas, but it's impossible to stop.  This morning, Little Man built a model of The National Gallery of Art, one of his favorite places.  I really love how open-ended these blocks are and how creative the kids have been with them.

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Unknown said...

I know these are not the same, but I get what you are saying because our boys play with the jenga game blocks like this. We have the cheaper ones that are not labeled and those have become all sorts of things. They are perfect for hauling in little trucks, building tunnels, etc.

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