Thursday, December 29

2016 Knitting Projects

1. Blank Onyx Palmyre Shawl
2 and 3. Two 2x2 ribbed scarves for the boys 
4. Shale Blanket for Vivienne's baptism 
5. Riverbank Cowl for Kathleen 
6 and 7. Two crowns (one white and one gold) for the dress-up bin 
9, 10, and 11. Three merino black hats for the Trio (two Be Loving hats and one Audrey Hat)
 12. Pearly Oyster Hollows Shawl for Ira 
13. Great Grey Owl Greyhaven Hat

Though I felt like I didn't accomplish much knitting-wise, when I looked through photographs from this past year, I found that I was able to meet my goal to complete twelve projects in 2016.  In this coming year,  I would like to complete another twelve knits and also try to knit socks for the first time.


Katya said...

I love the idea of making knitting goals for the year! I will have to add that in to my list of resolutions. I'll probably start with a goal of maybe 4 projects. I am sloooooooow!!!

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