Thursday, December 29

Five Golden Rings

Anne was already tasting Christmas happiness.  She fairly sparkled as the train left the station.  The ugly streets slipped past her...  she was going home...  home to Green Gables.  Out in the open country the world was all golden-white and pale violet, woven here and there with the dark magic of spruces and the leafless delicacy of birches.  The low sun behind the bare woods seemed rushing thrugh the trees like a splendid god, as the train sped on."



It was another lovely and quiet Christmas vacation day here.  We woke up to rain (I'm so glad that we took that trip to the playground yesterday!) and spent time just lolling around with our new Christmas treasures.  We had a viewing of Cinderella this evening, played with camera and my cellphone taking fun pictures, and I took nice long bath with the last few pages of my current book and a chocolate truffle.  Tomorrow brings a trip to the movie theater with the Trio to see the latest Star Wars movie as a family!

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elizabeth said...

sounds like a lovely day. Sending HUGS. What a wonderful set of things you are able to do with the family, that is so nice!

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